UW Libraries Code of Conduct
Establishes guidelines for use of Libraries facilities and resources and outlines sanctions for failure to comply with the Code of Conduct.

Computer Use Policy
These rules apply to use of computers within the Libraries and supplement and interpret University-wide policies on Appropriate Use of UW Resources.

Food & Beverages
Food and beverages are allowed in the Campus Library, with some important restrictions.

Study Zones
This policy recognizes that some students need very quiet study areas while other students need spaces where they can interact, collaborate and study in groups.

Cellular Phone Use
Cell phones can only be used in designated areas of the library, including stairwells and group study rooms.

Children in the Library
Children are welcome to visit the Library, but they must be accompanied by an adult and supervised at all times.

Animals in the Library
Only trained service animals are allowed in the Library.

Confidentiality of Library Records (WAC 478-168-190 Disclosure of Library User Identity)
Unless otherwise required by law, all library records that contain information about individual users of library services are confidential.

Exhibit Guidelines
Due to resource restrictions the Campus Library has temporarily suspended external exhibits in the Library.

Filming & Photography
This policy balances the need for a collaborative and open environment with the primary use of the library as a space for study and research. Requests to film or photograph in the library should be submitted at least 2 days in advance.

Group Study Rooms
Group Study Rooms are intended for use by groups of UW or Cascadia students, staff and faculty working on group projects, studying together, or conducting meetings. These rooms can be reserved online by students.

Posting Guidelines
Library spaces are available to support advertising for campus events while preserving the internal and external integrity of the library building as well as the work environment for people using the library.

Seminar/Event Room (LB1-205)
The Campus Library has a large meeting room that may be used by UWB/CCC students, staff, and faculty.

UW Libraries Loan Code
Specific borrowing rights and responsibilities for Campus Library and other UW Libraries users.